My Latest Projects

Let me show you some of my latest work.

I feel blessed to work with amazing and awesome clients throughout the world.

These are not just my clients but while working together we have shared a lovely bond. It feels so great when your clients keep coming back to you again because they loved my work and they trust me.

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” Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.​

-Chris Grosser

Learn English With James

Webinar Launch( Kajabi Project )

The Beauty House Training Center

Website ( Kajabi Project )

Unhitched and Happy Academy

VIP DAY Sales Page  ( Kajabi Project)

Kellie Olver

Webiste Redesign  ( Kajabi Project)

Career with Purpose Academy

Sales Page  ( Kajabi Project)

Find a Career

Opt-in Page  ( Kajabi Project)

WordPress website development

The Launch Maverick

WordPress Website

Kajabi sales page


Sales Page  ( Kajabi Project)

Kajabi Course Set Up

Spring Cleanse Workshop

Course Set up( Kajabi Project)

Kajabi Website

Leadership Wellness Group

Website ( Kajabi Project )

DPDR Recovery

Branding + Website  ( Kajabi Project)

DPDR Recovery Program

Sales Page  ( Kajabi Project)

Janeen Torres

WordPress Website (Custom Designed)

Kajabi website and branding by TechyGrrrl

Love Out Loud

Kajabi Website

WordPress Website

Mary Jane Walsh

 Custom Designed Website (WordPress Project)


Ecommerce WordPress Project

PCG Systems

WordPress Website

Beach Billow

E-commerce  ( WordPress Project)

Suruchi Jamkar

E-commerce  ( Branding + WordPress Project)

NM Health Coach

 WordPress Redesign Project

Sales page by Kajabi Expert

Watch The Time

E-commerce (WordPress Project)

Scale Up With Courtney

WordPress Website

5 Shifts Webinar

Webinar Landing Page (Kajabi Project)

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