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TechyGrrrl - Webdesign/development, WordPress developer
TechyGrrrl – Webdesign/development, WordPress developer

TechyGrrrl is here to provide solutions to your online business problems.

We are specialized in Web Designing/Development and WordPress development.


WordPress Development and CSS customization
Web Design/ Development
Are you occupied with the admin tasks?Let me help you.

Techy Grrrl is highly dedicated, timely, and organized with their work. I had the pleasure of working with them on a startup idea and Shaloo from the team led frontend development and delivered tasks as per the timeline and always enquired to ensure my feedback was incorporated. They are great to work with and makes the entire development process seamless.

Surya Bala

Shaloo’s enthusiasm, her dedication to getting the job done and her positivity will definitely rub off on you!
I worked with Shaloo for two years in 2014-2015, on several different technical assignments and every single time not only wasn’t she efficient in delivering what she was asked of, she would bring in little things to make the job easier and quicker! She’s a smart learner and a great team member to have around! Most of all, she would have zest to face a challenge – and get to the root of the problem and solve it!

Go with her, you’ll be impressed!


Deepa Duraisamy