What others are saying?

A Big THANK YOU! to all my clients

I really enjoyed working with them and they all are super awesome.

Shaloo is a dedicated person and a joy to work with. I had the opportunity of developing a start up idea with her frontend expertise. She did her research, consulted on design to ensure it’s as per requirements, and delivered tasks in a timely manner. She takes complete ownership of her work and it made the entire development process so seamless!

Suryabala Shenbagamurthy

Paid Search & Digital Media Strategist

It’s honor to have worked with as dedicated a person as Shaloo. As a lead I could not ask for a better person on my team. She is a quick learner. And I highly recommend her for her knack to quickly understand the requirement and deliver quality products.

Paras Matta

Project Lead

TechyGrrrl is a life saver. I used her for Web Development services and she worked magic. I have three words to describe her services: top-notch, efficient and excellent. I would definitely recommend her.


Online Business Manager

I posted asking for help in a Facebook group and TechyGrrrl – WordPress Developer answered within 5 minutes, offering to help me out. I gave her access to my site and within 5 more minutes she had solved the issue! I was so grateful for her generosity and knowledge!

Aurora Myers

Yoga Instructor at Nike

I worked with Techy Grrrl on a couple of web development projects and she is awesome. She is super tech savvy in WordPress and is a reliable resource. She is thorough and follows through properly on the reviews. I am extremely happy with hiring her and will do it again.

Vidya Ravi

Online Business Manager

Thank you Shaloo for all your hardwork in creating a WP website. You went above and beyond and highly recommend you to my friends, family and clients.

Joanne Rowe

Owner, easterntypingplus.com.au

Shaloo’s enthusiasm, her dedication to getting the job done and her positivity will definitely rub off on you! 
I worked with Shaloo for two years in 2014-2015, on several different technical assignments and every single time not only wasn’t she efficient in delivering what she was asked of, she would bring in little things to make the job easier and quicker! She’s a smart learner and a great team member to have around! Most of all, she would have zest to face a challenge – and get to the root of the problem and solve it! 

Go with her, you’ll be impressed!

Deepa Duraisamy

Project Manager

Responsive and efficient with reviewing issue that I had with Shopify.

Catherine Ogg

Online Business

5 star rating to TechyGrrrl, will definitely work again.

Devendra Velegandla

Works at Accenture

I hope after reading this you must be excited to work with me !!