It is an online website creation application. It helps people to build their website easily and without much knowledge of coding skills.

You must have seen people talking about it, especially bloggers, small and mid-size company level entrepreneurs.


What is WordPress

In simple terms,

WordPress is an application to download for Free!!, plublish content for Free!! and Visitors can access the content for Free!!

I personally believe that it has opened the doors of various new opportunities for all the entrepreneurs because it’s easy to build a beautiful, responsive and SEO friendly website.

Also, It helps people to take their hobbies or passion from a personal level to an entrepreneurial level.

So, before we explore more about it let me tell you there are two types of WordPress available.

Yes, you heard it Right!!!


The major difference between the two is “where the website is hosted”

What is

It is an application that can be downloaded for free!! from It is totally free of cost but you need to purchase a hosting service to install and set it up.

Nowadays most of the hosting service providers (Recommends Siteground – as it provides best customer support instantly) offers

  1. Single-click installation of WordPress on hosting
  2. Free!! website migration to WordPress from any other host
  3. A free!! SSL certificate.
  4. 2×7 best customer support
  5. Tutorial and documentation on setting up WordPress on hosting

It provides with you unlimited options to customize your website. You can install any third party theme and plugins.

But it comes with a learning curve as well. You need to be ready to maintain your WordPress and hosting from yourself.

If you want to learn it before you finally start building your website on a hosting service then I would suggest you go offline.

What does that mean “Offline”?

You can install it on your local machine and build websites. Once the development is completed you can easily migrate your files to the hosting service.

What is


It is a site that distributes WordPress software as a service (SAAS) application for Free or paid. It is owned and hosted online by Automattic

In simple terms

It is a readymade platform for you with WordPress already installed and set up for you. You just have to start publishing your content.

Users need not worry about buying a hosting service and installation process of it because it is already installed and set up.

Though it starts with a Free plan but has a very limited option for any customization and it doesn’t give you the full control over your website content.

If you still feel little confused about it, we have got a detailed post about it.

Also, if you get curious about this topic and want to know more about it then you can read our blog on “Difference between WordPress.Com and

Take Away:

  • If you are looking for unlimited options to grow your blog (Monetizing, customization, adding the third party tools etc.) then go with self-hosted WordPress.
  • If you don’t want to get into tech things or not interested in earning money easily via your blog then go with

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What is WordPress

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