Do you know that WordPress is used on 25 percent of all websites?

It has become the No.1 choice for CMS based websites. Some of the most successful companies that use it are TED, NBC, CNN, TechCrunch and many other

Nowadays almost every online business owner and bloggers are opting WordPress over any other CMS like Joomla, Drupal etc. Even I have many clients who want to switch to self-hosted WordPress.

If you are still not happy with the statistics then below read the 11 Reasons why you should switch to self-hosted WordPress.

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WHy you should move your website to a self hosted WordPress

  1. Full Access: If you are using Blogger or or any free account to build your website you don’t own any of your content or file. If your content doesn’t match with their Terms and conditions, your account might get suspended or deleted. You will be left with nothing …No files… No data… Self-hosted WordPress you get full access to the website files, you copy your website on your computer as well. Also if required you copy all your website files and migrate it to any other hosting. Hosting services will never delete anything without any warning or notification or your permission until unless it is really harmful.

2. WordPress is free: WordPress is FREE!! to download and install from WordPress can be installed on your hosting. Nowadays most of the hosting providers give the FREE single-click WordPress install option.

I will recommend using one of the best hosting service provider Siteground [Affiliate]

3. Easy Installation: You will get the FREE single-click WordPress installation option on most of the hostings. You just have to enter a few details and WordPress is installed on your hosting within 2-3 minutes. If you want to practice and learn WordPress then you can simply download it for FREE from and install it on your computer and start working on it.

[If you want to know how to install WordPress on your Windows system then click on this link.]

4. Access to database: If you have completely forgotten your password or website has broken due to some reasons then you can get access to the database files of your website. In case of any issues on your website, you can easily check the database as well. Also, you can export your database while migrating your website to some other hosting service provider.

5. Third Party Plugin: Any Third Party plugin can be installed easily. It can be paid or free. There are plenty of plugins for different functionalities you can easily select the one you need and install it by clicking on install button.

You just have to go to Plugins -> Add new -> either search or upload a plugin file.

6. Third Party Theme: You can install any theme of your choice either paid or free, no restriction the theme developing site. This gives you the freedom to choose your website design.

7. HTML/CSS addition: You can easily edit the website files as you get unlimited access to the files and add any HTML or CSS code. For example – The CSS file can be edited for changing the appearance of the existing website. The PHP file can be edited to change any part of your website.

8. Better SEO tools: No worries about SEO set up as WordPress provides various SEO apps or tools (Free and paid for both).For example, Yoast SEO is the most commonly used FREE! SEO tool on the WordPress platform. It will let you add Page title, Slug, Meta description, Keywords etc.

9. Website analytics: To monitor the traffic or the actions performed on your website you can add analytics code like Google analytics or Fb pixels code on your website. It will help you monitor and optimize your website. You can install a plugin header-footer to add any external code to the header and footer of your website. If you want an easy way then install Google analytics plugin directly on your WordPress. This will help you analyze the traffic on your website directly from your dashboard.

10. Free Shop set-up: You set up an online shop for FREE!! on your website and start selling your products Without spending a single penny. Woocommerce is the free plugin for WordPress shop set up. It is easy to set up with lots of additional features available to improve the working of your online shop. You can sell digital products to physical store products as well. It gets very well integrated with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Square etc..

11. Monetize: You can start Affiliate marketing, google ads, sell digital or physical store products etc. You can promote the products you use and become and an affiliate for that product. There are many companies that offer affiliate accounts and offer good money when someone purchases it from your affiliate link.
Example:- Hosting companies like Siteground [Affiliate], Bluehost, GoDaddy, Namecheap  [Affiliate] and some other companies like product based or service based.

WHy you should move your website to a self hosted WordPress