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You Worth A Million…

I can help you to start an online business and live your dream life.Are you ready to start a profitable business ?

I will show you how to find your biggest power and bless the world with your knowlege.

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Amazing Moms !


I am so happy to see you here and if you’re here that means you have that passion… that flame still burning inside you.

And you have a strong desire to build an online business that creates an impact with your knowledge and brings you some cash in.

You’re at right place then

Here at TechyGrrrl I will guide you to build a profitable business doing what you love and provide the support you need to stay motivated.

I know its pretty challenging raising babies and building your dream business but no worries I am here to provide the support you need and the resources.

You Too Had Dreams !


You had a dream of having your own identity but you became so busy taking care of your family or raising kids.

That you never got time to think about it…

But you kept that flame alive inside you.

Your heart is yearning to live that dream again but you don’t want to join 9 to 5 corporate office, leaving your child at daycare or with someone at home.

You wanna do something that let you follow your passion and at the same time allows you to always be there for your lovely family.

I Was too there… Like You…

I left my well paid corporate job to marry the love of my life.

My husband office is always in the outskirts of the city and due to that I never found any IT company in that area.

Well I am Software Engineer and I used to work with Banks like Barclays and Allstate.

I wasn’t getting working from home due to senstivity of the banks data I was working with.

I tried a lot initially and then later I had to join a school so that I can keep working( I couldn’t sit at home idle).

But somewhere inside me I had that flame (following my passion) alive.

Are You Ready To Bring Your Dreams Alive !


If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and ready become your own BOSS.

I am here to help you follow your dreams and turn them into reality.

Like I did for myself.

Remember You can have 100 things stopping you to take that first step towards your dream life but you need to find one thing that let you start a new journey.

Take that first step today, book a free 30 min consulatation call with me.

What We Have To Offer You?


1:1 coaching program of 3 month where I will teach you how to find the true purpose of your life and live your dream life. Below are the topics we are going to cover in these three months

Weekly 1:1 video session

In these sessions I will guide you how can you find true passion and build a profitable business around it. These session will be focused on building strategies and checking the progress. 

Email support

Ask your queries anytime on email and I will get back to you within 24hrs. You can email me about any decsion making question.

Worksheets for  tasks

I will send you worksheets for better understanding and strategy building  activities.

Access to my private community

You will get access to my private community where you will meet the other like minded moms and keep each other accountable.

Live trainings and Q/A session every week

You will have access to all the live trainings and all the resources shared in the group. I will do live trainings on the various topics related to building up a proftable and sustainable business.

Weekly Goal set up and planning

We will have a weekly 60 min session to set up monthly goal and support you achieving the same. I also talk about the type of mindset you need to achieve those goals.

Power of Manifestation

I will teach you the power of manifestion and journaling, I will share the same exact steps I took to build a sustainable and proftable business.

My Secret Sauce 

one 45 min session to teach you the exact steps I have taken to attract clients and how to make them keep coming back to you again and again.

“Don’t Let Yourself Stop You…

from achieving what you deserve..


While teaching in a school I realized I wasn’t meant for that. This wasn’t something I love doing. Yess!!I wasn’t happy teaching there becuase it wasn’t something I love doing.

I am a software engineer I love technical things. It took me an year to realize this and then I left that job to follow my passion. I started looking from work from home jobs.

I got so mad seraching for work from home that I asked everyone in my contact list to help me.

I have searched every social media platforms.

I was scared as well to fall in some online trap.


“If your desire is strong the whole universe will help you bring the same thing” 

Massive Bonuses?

I have got some exciting offers for you!  These offers will support in establishing your business

5 Page website template  + Divi Theme Worth ($750)

I will install a ready to use website template as per your business requirement and also get the Divi theme for FREE!! for LIFETIME. You just need to add the content and start selling your services.

SEO Ebook + Checklist (worth $99)

Grab my 102 page SEO ebook + Checklist which contains everything you need to get started with SEO and drive organic traffic to your website.

Checklist : Essential WordPress plugins (worth $19)

Boost the performance of your website by installing the essential plugins for your website.

Checklist : 10 Things you must do to build a website that converts. (worth $19)

Just having a website is not enough, it should convert as well. That means your website should be able to do what you want it to do.

60 min 1:1 sesion on WordPress ($250)

In this session I will teach you basics of WordPress so that you are able to add content/ edit/install plugins/themes/media/ update themes and plugins.

Pdf Guide: Wealth Affirmations (worth $49)

Don’t forget the power of affirmations, I build my 6 figures business and monthly retaining clients with the help of these affirmations.

” Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.​

-Chris Grosser

Grab This Amazing Offer

All this above and Massive Bonuses worth $1186

I am on a mission to empower incredible women around the world. Who are ready to change the world with their immense power of knowledge.

This is the reason I am giving all that above at a very affordable price.

Just $699 for 3 months with these massive bonuses.

 Still have a doubt?

I can totally understand, you’re investing your time and money for the next 3 months. So I am sure you must be having some questions.

I am so excited to answer all of your queries and doubts. Please go ahead and book a call with me.

Your Free Consultation Call

If you are ready to Free Up some time to Focus on doing what you do best, schedule a consultation with TechyGrrrl now. I will help you launch your offers (websites/sales Funnel, Course Creation, Tech Support) without any overwhelm.

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