Does Tech Stuff Makes You Overwhelmed?

Not Anymore…

I teach solopreneur/blogger Tech platform(s) like Convertkit, Mailchimp, Clickfunnels etc.

We will have 1:1 zoom video call session where I will teach you personally how to use a particular tool.

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” Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.​

-Chris Grosser

Save Time And Money Hiring A Tech VA !


” Hey!! I need someone who can integrate MailChimp with my website forms/newsletters”

“I have no idea how to do SEO for my blogs, I really want to attarct organic traffic”

“I want To build a website but I have no idea which all platforms are best to use”

I have seen many such posts on various FaceBook Groups and helped many of them.

People hire Tech VA’s sometimes for such small jobs.

Which really takes away your time and money and sometimes it turn out to be a nightmare when someone  create a mess even after paying.

Learn The  Tech Tools And

Do It YourSelf.

How about If I teach you the tricks to fix the issues?


If I teach you a tech tool you use it daily like email marketing platforms?

You can keep the recorded video and watch it again and agian when you need any help.

This way you can quickly fix your website and save time.

And as an entrepreneur I know your time is valuable.

So, I can teach you any topic from WordPress, Email Marketing, Click Funnels, SEO, Business Stratgey and Chatbots.

So, If you need any tech help, stuck with some issues on the website or need a consultation call to build a website.

I will be happy to help you and provide you the solution.

 Don’t Let Technical Issues Stop You…

Let me help you..

In case you have below queries, you can book a 1:1 coaching call with me.

  • Planning to build a new website, need to know the best platforms and apps as per your business requirements.
  • Want to start a blog but have no idea what will be required from Tech side,BOOK ME!!
  • Need to learn how to set up a plugin, integration, Email Automation, etc.
  • Want to discuss and learn the best SEO strategy for your website.
  • Want to learn any topic or working or setting in WordPress.
  • I offer services like WordPress/SEO/ClickFunnels/ ChatBots/Email Marketing Automations.

So In case you have any query or want to learn anything from the above services which I offer @ $70/hr.

*Minimum 1 hr call needs to be booked and the payment will be taken in advance.

Your Free Consultation Call

If you are ready to Free Up some time to Focus on doing what you do best, schedule a consultation with TechyGrrrl now. I will help you launch your offers (websites/sales Funnel, Course Creation, Tech Support) without any overwhelm.

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