You can install WordPress on your local machine and speed up the process of website development.For installing WordPress on Windows you need to have WAMPSERVER  installed on your windows.


It provides you with a web development environment on windows and helps you in building web applications which are required Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database.

It also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager that will help you manage your databases.

To know more about WordPress read this post “What is WordPress?

Why we need WAMP for WordPress?

WordPress requires a database to store the WordPress related data, it automatically creates the tables, so while developing WordPress on your local machine you need a database and connectivity to localhost on your Windows.

WAMP will help you to set up the environment where you will have Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database.

These tools will together help you develop your WordPress site on the local machine.

Following are the steps to install WordPress on a local machine:-

  1. Download WAMP from  according to your system requirements like if your system is 32 bits or 64 bits.
  2. Install into the desired drive of your computer.
  3. Example:- If it installed in c: drive then you can see a folder C:\wamp there.
  4. Once the WAMP is installed, you will be able to see an icon on the desktop, double-click on that.
  5. You will see a window will open and automatically gets closed, don’t be afraid all good.
  6. Check on your taskbar a green color WAMP server symbol “W” you will see, this means all services are running and if it is red means services on WAMP server are not up yet.
  7. Go to your browser and type  https://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in there and you will get a login page, enter the below details username: root and leave password box blank.
  8. You will see php admin page, will now create a database for WordPress click on create a database on the menu, write database name as test_db and click on create.
  9. After that go to and you will see a button on the right side “Download WordPress” click on it. It will be downloaded in sometime in the form of a zip file.
  10. Now go to C:\wamp\www path and extract the WordPress zip folder here.
  11. By default, the folder name will be WordPress but you can change it to whatever site name you want.
  12. You will a get a login page, fill details like database name “test_db” username “root” and leave the password blank.
  13. Now you are good to go …click on install button the WordPress will installed, fill the username and password details
  14. Login WordPress using username and password details.
  15. After login to WordPress you will the dashboard, go ahead and build your website.


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