Have you heard about new trending marketing strategy “messenger marketing”?

It is a method to market your business to the customers using messaging apps.

As we all know that messaging apps are used more frequently than any other way of communication.Some of its benefits over the traditional email marketing are :-

  • High Open and click Through Rates than emails
  • Safe and secure – No spam and virus threats like in emails
  • Interactive and Personalized communication – It’s not a one to one communication
  • Future growth rate of messenger apps are huge.

Why Facebook Messenger? -The Most effective messenger marketing app

Nowadays we spent most of the time on FaceBook and it is the most commonly used tool for business communication.

A statistics says that there are 2.20 billion monthly active facebook users for Q1 2018 (Sources zephoria.com)

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and it has an enormous reach. You can find all your target audience and clients on Facebook easily.

So, it’s easy to market your business on Facebook than any other platform.

Now, Facebook messenger marketing play a great role in reaching out to the customers and market your services.

So, How does Facebook messenger marketing works?

FB messenger marketing can be defined as using Facebook messenger app to reach out to the customers and market your business.

Benefits of using FB Messenger marketing over email marketing

  • Higher open rates than emails – Everyone checks their messenger messages more often than emails.
  • Emails can go in junk or spams categories – A message on FB Messenger is definitely delivered in the messenger inbox.
  • FB messenger marketing is interactive and Personalized – Customer feels more personalized as they have option to select and query what they are looking for rather than emails.
  • Generally people tend to open the Messenger unread message more often

How to get started with FB messenger marketing?

Nowadays various tools like ManyChat, Chatfuel etc allow you to integrate a chatbot on your FB business page.

These chatbots helps you to engage your customers, deliver content, answer their queries based on set of rules defined for a chatbot through FB messenger app.

Thes best part is that  everything above can be done even when you are not active on Facebook , your bot will do all that for you.


Yes, Suppose you are gone for shopping and your customers are visiting your business page to know more about the services you offer.

Then what , Have you lost an amazing lead coming to you?

Yes ! If you are not using Chatbots and No! If you are using chatbots.

So there can be multiple scenarios when when you are not active on FB but your chatbots takes care of your business online.

How it works?

  • You need a FB business page
  • Connect ManyChat Chatbot with your FB page.
  • Make sure the Fb page settings is set to “Allow people to message you”.
  • Next thing is people should message you on FB business page
  • Once they message you they will automatically become a subscriber in your ManyChat.
  • No email , Name and other inputs are required. All the information will be pulled from Facebook.

Now you are all set to set up your automated messages , sequences, adding messenger button on your website.

FB messenger and chat bots

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