A few weeks back when I was working on a project using React and Material UI (I am a newbie to React) . I wanted to know how many different frameworks are available out there in the web developers world so, I thought of asking this question on the LinkedIn React Developers group.

I was so happy to see that I have got almost 45 suggestions from all the React developers and they have also shared their experience about using that framework also.

I then thought of jotting down all the framework’s  together as it’s a very important information for the beginner like me.This will definitely help someone looking for this type information.

Here is the list

Some new framework’s added to the list

Also, some developers has suggested that they do not  prefer to use any UI ( CSS is the appropriate term) framework. Writing your own sass is better as you have more control over it and also you can create your own custom styled react components.

Material UI: As of now I have used only Material UI ,so I can only tell about this framework.

  • Pros:

It’s easy to use and gives a nice look and feel to site . It’s syntax is like React only so that’s make you pretty comfortable while using it.

  • Cons:

Difficult to customize the CSS.