The major difference between and is about how it is hosted. It is a site that distributes WordPress software as a service (SAAS) application for Free or paid. It is owned and hosted online by Automattic  It is an application that can be downloaded for free!! from It is totally free of cost but you need to purchase a hosting service to install and set it up.

difference between and

It is very important to understand the difference between the two because it may lead you to purchase the one you didn’t want.

Let me help you decide between or

So, Let’s start going through the below points.

  1. It is owned and hosted by  Automattic
  2. Therefore, No need for purchasing a hosting.
  3. Also, it comes with pre-installed WordPress.
  4. It starts with a Free plan and the website name shows which is attached to the website name. Ex:
  5. Users do not get the give full control to the website.
  6. Also, you won’t be able to upload or install all the plugins or themes.
  7. Limited website customization options
  8. Migration to other hosting in future is not easy because you don’t get full control over the data of your website
  9. You can’t access your website database because of the limited rights.
  10. Here you don’t get access to edit the PHP code(backend code)
  11. To monetize your website you will need a premium theme.
  12. To set up Google Analytics on your website you will need a Business theme – Self-hosted WordPress

  1. You can host your website on any of the hostings of your choice (I will recommend Siteground).
  2. Need to purchase a hosting from a service provider.
  3. You need to install the WordPress hence you will need to purchase a hosting
  4. WordPress software is free for download.
  5. You can use any WordPress theme or plugin
  6. Gives you full control and flexibility  on the website
  7. You will be responsible for maintaining the website on the server.
  8. Provides unlimited website customization options hence you can customize your theme the way you want.
  9. The process of website migration from one host to other is easy because you have full access to your website data.
  10. If you are a developer you can access the website database
  11. You can edit the PHP code of your website
  12. Bloggers and entrepreneurs can easily monetize your theme
  13. To monitor the traffic Google Analytics, Fb pixels etc on the website easily

Take Away:

  • If you are looking for unlimited options to grow your blog (Monetizing, customization, adding the third party tools etc.) then go with self-hosted WordPress.
  • If you don’t want to get into tech things or not interested in earning money easily via your blog then go with

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difference between and

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