Are you looking an all-in-one best course creation platform that has everything you need to create and sell a course at one place?

Your search for the one place where you will find everything you need under a single umbrella ends now! Kajabi is the name trusted throughout the globe for online courses for all thought leaders, online course creators, coaches, and experts.

This blog on Kajabi includes:

  • Why you need an all-in-one platform for building an online course?
  • How all-in-one platform gonna save you money?
  • Why Kajabi is The best All-in-one course creation platform
  • What Kajabi can do for you?
  • Take Away tip

Why you need an all-in-one platform for building an online course?

  • This will be the best way to get Tech Savvy and take control of only one tech tool. Rather than learning different tech platforms, how about just learning one!
  • Integrating multiple systems is liking inviting troubles only, if any of the integration fails your entire online business is down.

How all-in-one course creation platform gonna save your money? 

Kajabi saves you money

  • Using an all-in-one course creation platform saves you tons of money. You don’t need to pay for a funnel builder, website hosting and builder, course creation platform, Payment and cart builders, email marketing app, affiliate tools, video hosting etc.
  • You don’t have to hire tech experts to handle different tech tools/platforms.

Why Kajabi is The best All-in-one course creation platform

Just imagine and answer me!!

=> What if everything you need to build an online course is available within one tool?

=> What if you just have to learn one tool and never look back on other tools?

=> What if you can can save money on hiring Tech experts because you can do it all by yourself?

=> and how about having 24×7 support to answer any query you have regrading that platform?

I know your answer


Kajabi is a one in all platform which gives you everything at one place you need to create an online course with the end purpose of helping you sell and market them for profit making.

A super easy platform to work with, all you need is some basic knowledge that will get you to earning revenues in no time.

Your brand can grow manifold with the right platform and Kajabi is the idyllic place for the same. You will get the features you require to run your business under a single umbrella.

This is what the top course creators Amy Porterfield is saying

What Kajabi can do for you?

But that is not all, with Kajabi, you can also efficiently turn your potential candidates into clients by providing them with more efficient and effective marketing. Customise your steps in such a manner that it makes the customer more attracted to you, only with Kajabi.

The most important part comes through for payments, which again you don’t have to go anywhere else because Kajabi also offers you to process payments / upsell your other products.

Kajabi is named on the list of the top integrated online course platforms in the current times. With the turn of the decade, the position that this platform holds is only going to be a better one. Hence, as an online business that is paving its path to flourishment, there is no other platform you need other than Kajabi.

What are the Key Features of Kajabi?

Kajabi is a treasure box when it comes to features. It is jam packed with dozens and dozens of those and you can make use of every last one of them. As an online course creator, you will be able to work wonders with Kajabi. Before further ado, let’s dive into the sea full of features of Kajabi:

1. Easy drag-and-drop Builder

Kajabi offers you a drag-and-drop builder mechanism with which you can have a perfect website/optin/sales page, customised to suit your requirements.

Most of the pages in Kajabi are made using blocks – either handy pre-designed blocks, or ones you customise.

I love the flexibility of the layout and the different block styles that you can combine to make a slick page.

Once you will get your head around where all the elements are and how to use each type of block, creating a sales page or any website page will be a  breeze! And they look so amazing!

2. Emails and Automations

Emails are one of the best ways of marketing and your business can certainly benefit from it. You can automate it for the best results and here are some ways Kajabi will help you accomplish that.

  •     Send one-time emails as broadcast
  •     Send emails to a segmented audience
  •     Add CTA or images as per your convenience
  •     Build & automate follow-up sequences
  •     Send auto-recovery emails for abandoned carts
  •     Create personalized emails

3. Maximize your revenue with the Affiliate Program.

Kajabi gives you a wonderful option of selling your products, services, courses, offering products, and even launching membership sites.

Get the right opportunity to earn with 1-click upsells offered by Kajabi. Sell unlimited to your students and other clients, offering them simple buying options. Offer one-time coupons to your customers for more impactful selling.

Kajabi gives you a wonderful option to sell your courses using affiliates as well.The Affiliate Program utilizes your partnerships to encourage others to sell your course on your behalf while receiving a commission from you in the process.

The Affiliate Program helps you:

  • Manage Affiliate Registrations and Accounts
  • Set up an Affiliate Marketing System based on Share Links
  • Track Affiliate Conversions and Form Submissions
  • Automatically calculate Affiliate earnings
  • Create detailed Affiliate reports

In kajabi you can create custom designed checkout pages with an ease and in just a few minutes. 

Kajabi gives you two payment service providers Stripe and PayPal, you connect your Kajabi account with both or either of it.

It’s a very simple and seamless connection with no third party integration and you can create payment plans, subscriptions based recurring payments, etc.

 4. Upselling and cross-selling

If you want to increase the profitability of your business, you should never leave any money on the table. Order bumps and set up upsells while course purchases. This way, you are not hard-selling and get no added pressure on yourself and still end up getting additional sales. In case there is any upsell that suits you well, then you can add it too.

Kajabi’s checkout system has made upselling and cross-selling easier.

5. 24 Hour Support – Live Chat

It is not feasible to learn every feature of every platform, even if it is one as fabulous as Kajabi. Hence, what comes in really handy at such times of confusion and distress is 24-hour support.

Kajabi offers the option of live chatting. No more raising a support ticket and waiting for a professional to get back to you for days. Get on spot clarification for anything and everything.

And they are the best in helping you with any issues. After Siteground I love Kajabi’s customer support.

6. All Features Under a Single Umbrella – run your entire business only on one tool KAJABI

Your entire business can be run from one place alone when you build your online courses using Kajabi. Imagine being able to access your website, your webinars, your sales funnels, your landing pages, sales pages, courses, affiliate programs, shopping cart, email list, and memberships, all under a single umbrella.

7. Kajabi onboarding and support

Trust me, there is only truth to when I say that Kajabi quite possibly has the finest experience that one can have with a software company.

Your problems will be solved without much hassle as they offer a 1:1 personal call with a member of their support team. And this is in addition to their 24/7 chat help. No exceptions even if you are just using their 14-day trial!

  1. They Free live trainings
  2. KAJABI UNIVERSITY – Kajabi Bootcamp: Build A Course
  3. Foundations -New to Kajabi or just need a refresher? Watch these guides to learn the basics of the platform and get yourself set up for Kajabi’s success!
  4. VIBRANT COMMUNITY – Join The Conversation: Get answers, offer support, and share your excitement with our engaged community of fellow entrepreneurs, experts, and influencer

8. Flexible course layout pages

The kajabi offers you one of the unique features that I don’t think any other platforms offer currently. You can customize the look and design of your course layout so as to make your course look unique and stand out.

No one wants their course to look like that of their competitor’s. 

With Kajabi’s multi-layout options and a bag full of customization and flexibility, your course will stand out too.

Each module or lesson can be customised too for the best effect.

Kajabi also offers features such as Lock and Content Drip which will help you control the content that gets released to your students.

9. Easy and smart performance Reports 

“Smarter reports, smarter business decisions”

Nowadays building and launching a course isn’t enough you need to analyze the performance to make further business decisions.

A successful business research -> build -> launch -> Analyse the results -> make tweaks or changes to get better results -> relaunch

Kajabi gives you the right metrics, which is very well organized in a user friendly and super easy to use web analytics dashboards you’ll actually use.

You can track 

  1. your revenue offers sold, subscription metrics
  2. You can check page views, conversions, and revenue from each and every offer/ landing/ sales page.
  3. You can even check the video views … Videos has an option that shows the video metrics as well.

This helps you decide which sales page/offer is performing well and which one isn’t.

10. Ready to use mobile App

Building an app for your online course can be a costly affair but Kajabi comes with a built in app solution. Your students can access the course from anywhere using their mobiles. This gives your course an added advantage as nowadays people are mostly on phones

Community feature – Kajabi totally understands that the members and the students need a place where they can discuss the course topics.

So the Good news is your students need not be on FB or any social media platforms to join the group for discussion.

Kajabi Replace FB group with a private community for your students to discuss. An amazing feature your students are almost certain to love.

Discussion is an organized topic wise so that students can see or participate in the discussion they are interested

Also, you can make a community a stand-alone product and sell it to those who are hesitant to purchase the course but can be a part of the discussion to decide whether they are liking it or not. 


After reading the blog, we hope you have no doubts as to why Kajabi is the best platform for your online course creation and why you should definitely use it for a better website.

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