If you’ve just started your online business  or have been operating for a few years you must be thinking about streamlining your day to day business processes.

You will need some business apps for communicating with your client or team.

Making your business processes more organized so that your productivity increases as your business scales.

and why I am suggesting these because I have been using these communication apps in my business from last 3 years.

Free Business Communication Apps

1. Toggl

Toggl is an app that no professional who works from home will want to go without. It is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as via extension on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

With Toggl, you can track the amount of time you spend on any given work-related project. For example, how long did you spend researching compared to how long did it take you to write that report? Ask Toggl; it’s keeping track as you work. This allows you to gain a better perspective on how you manage your time while working.

It is a great alternative to time sheets, and lets you determine which of your projects demand more time and how much time you should spend on each of your assignments. You can also get an idea of which projects are easier and which need more time and attention.

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2. Zoom

Zoom is a full video conferencing suite aimed at Enterprise-level users, with an attractive free option. Users with a free account can host video conferences for up to 100 participants, but conferences of 3 members or more are limited to 40 minutes.

You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove these restrictions, or simply keep your conferences short and sweet. There are no limits on the number of meetings you can host, so you could simply host a new call once you’ve hit the limit.

Zoom allows participants to join via the web, dedicated apps, browser extensions, and mobile devices using iPhone and Android apps. Users can call in via phone if they need to. Free users can also record video or audio locally and share screens with other conference participants.

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3. Slack

I have been using slack since 2017 and it has been a great resource in communicating with our global team.

Yes! you can invite all your team members to the slack and created as many channels as required.

A channel is a single place for a team to share messages, tools and files.

So you can create as many channels as per the no. of projects you and your team is working.

Below screenshot can help you understand this

communication app for online business -slack

You can also integrate various apps with slack like zoom, trello, Google Drive, Asana etc.

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Pricing:  FREE

4. Trello

Trello is Gold…. Really I have been using the Trello with Slack and Zoom from last 3 years and it’s like a complete bundle to start an online business.

Trello help you manage your projects at one place. Trello lets you create various boards and each board can have its own cards arranged in the sub tasks of a project.

So, Board = project

Cards = Tasks or subtasks in a project

You can invite as many people to your board as you need, all for free.

In the cards you can create checklist, comment, add colored labels, files, images, set the due dates and so much more.

It is a drag and drop app so it’s very handy and easy to move the cards around and keep your project or the board organized.

here is a sneak peek

communication app for online business - trello

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5. Loom

Loom is a screen recording service. It allows you to record your computer screen and upload it to your Loom account. Using Loom is a simple as signing up for a Loom account and downloading the desktop client. Alternatively, you can install the Google Chrome Extension as it also allows you to record your screen as well.

I have been using it as a chrome extension and has made my online business so easy. Mostly I have used it to record the work that I am doing and send it to clients to show how its is going or ask incase of any query.

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Pricing:  FREE

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