SEO is one of the most dreaded things by business owners everywhere. I have talked to many business owners and entrepreneurs about SEO and I’ve been amazed at the common misconceptions that I continuously hear about search engine optimization.

These misconceptions and myths are the main reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs are scared of getting SEO done. In fact, most of them don’t even take a shot at it due to their fear of failure.

So, in this post, we’re going to look at some of those myths that never seem to die – no matter how hard experts try to kill them. Personally, I just want people to understand how useful SEO can be. I want entrepreneurs everywhere to embrace SEO without any hesitations based on some myths. Hence, I am here to burst them!

Honestly, SEO is one of the best and the cheapest ways a business can flourish and this is something I can say with an utmost guarantee after being in the field for such a long time.

Myth 1: SEO is done after the website is built

Fact: The bases for SEO begin the very moment you start planning your domain, business name, and content. Each of these helps you in the longer run.

Myth 2: SEO will take a lot of money

Fact: If you try to understand the logic or the reasoning behind SEO, you will know that it is all about Making a user-friendly, mobile responsive website with great content on it.  This also includes naming your web images properly. Make sure you give a relevant title and description to every page for better navigation and swift movement.

Myth 3: SEO is Time Consuming

Fact: Yes, SEO does take time but not years if done properly. If you keep following the best practices you will get results that last long.

Myth 4: Buying Backlinks will Boost Search Engine Ranking

Fact: NO!!! When you buy backlinks, they are provided from worthless websites and Google will actually lower your ranking from getting backlinks from such untrustworthy websites.

Backlinks only work when they can be categorized as Good Quality links that are trustable.

Myth 5: Keyword Stuffing is Good

Fact: If you think adding a lot of keywords will rank your page, then I am sorry to pop your bubble but Google is getting smarter with every passing day. Google and other search engines understand that the content isn’t making any sense and you are just repeating keywords.

Instead, try to use synonyms of those keywords or relevant other keywords as subheadings. Or take a combination of long-form and short-form keywords.

Myth 6: Content is the King

Fact: You need both content and exposure to that content. If no one will read that content, then there is no point in writing great content.

So, each is equally important. Content + Promotion + Exposure or links to the content.

Myth 7: Regular Website maintenance is irrelevant to SEO

Fact: NO!! Taking regular backups, maintaining the health and performance of your website is equally important as any other SEO practices.

What’s the point if you have a great ranking and due to irregular maintenance, your website gets hacked one day? So, start taking backups and protect it now!

Myth 8: Keep Updating your blog posts

Fact: You just need to update the blog posts if there is an update to the post info or else no need to update the evergreen posts. The freshness of the content means adding new pages and posts to the blog section/website so that it shows that your blog/ website is active.

Myth 9: I have lots of customers, I don’t need SEO

Fact: SEO is not just to get leads/ traffic, it also makes your website look professional and adds a touch of authenticity.

Tell me, if someone shares their website link with you and it shows some random preview text and image then you must think that this person is not serious about the business.

So, make sure at least basic SEO is done on your website so that it looks professional and creates the right impression of your business on your potential clients.

I hope this blog post on 9 Myths and Facts every Online Business Owner should know helps you out in understanding SEO a little bit better.

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