11 Reasons To Host Your Blog On Siteground

Whether you are planning to start a blog/ business website, you definitely need the best web hosting for your blog/ business website.

and here I am to help you by sharing my experience with the best web hosting i.e. Siteground.

Let’s see why you should host your blog on Siteground.

First of all, let me tell you why you can trust me suggesting this web host.

  1.  I am a Web developer and I build websites using WordPress and Squarespace platforms.
  2.  I have been building websites, So I have worked on many web hosts like GoDaddy, Siteground, Bluehost, local hostings etc.
  3. I have also helped my clients migrating from one web host to another, so I know in and out about the web hostings

While working on many web hosts, I found out that web host Siteground is an amazing web host to host your blog/website.

The other web hosts I have worked on didn’t have a user-friendly dashboard and navigation.

They lack good customer support, often the site was down, etc.

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So finally, after working on a few web hosts, I knew that Siteground is the best web host and started suggesting all my clients and friends.

I have never received any complaint from my clients about the Siteground hosting, they all are happy.

Even I had clients who were having a website with the local web hosting providers and was struggling with space and speed issues.

I suggested them Siteground and helped my client migrating her heavy sized (13 GB) website to Siteground hosting.

Since then I have never received any concerns about space or speed issues from them and their website is doing well online.

I have then decided to help others who are looking for the best hosting service provider by writing this article.

I have written 11 reasons why you should host your blog on Siteground. You can go through each and everyone below and gets more information about this best web host.

1. 24/7 customer support

This is one of the main features that makes Siteground stands apart from other hosting service providers. They are available 24×7 with answers and solutions to your queries.
I am a WordPress developer so I have worked on various hosting providers like Godaddy,Bluehost,HostGator and Siteground as well among all these Siteground has always impressed me with their quick services.

I am a self-taught entrepreneur so when I started building my website I had few queries like domain migration. When I contacted Siteground for domain migration they first explained me the whole procedure and helped in easy and successful domain migration.

2. 99.9% Uptime

Siteground is undoubtedly the best hosting and their uptime for me has always been 100%. I never had an issue that my website was not accessible or no web page available.
As an online entrepreneur, it’s very important that your website is always up and running because if your website is not available to your customers or visitors that creates a bad impression.

3. Free SSL Certificate

SSL means Secure Socket Layer, it is a protocol for secured communication between two systems on the internet. Nowadays Google has made it mandatory for every website to have this. This is another reason to buy Siteground as they offer FREE SSL on your website. Installing SSL is a very process.

  • Login to Siteground
  • Click on “My Accounts”
  • Go to cPanel
  • Now find the “Security” section on the cPanel
  • Click on “Let’s Encrypt” option
  • Select the domain on which you want to install the SSL
  • Click the Encrypt button

4. Free Website Migration

So many bloggers or online business owners who want to migrate their website to a new host find it difficult to migrate as they are not very tech savvy and nobody wants to take a risk to lose their website. So, Siteground has an amazing offer for you as when you purchase hosting with Siteground they offer your one-time FREE website migration from any other host (host should have cPanel to access).
New:- Siteground has come up with a new tool called WordPress Migrator. You can transfer WordPress sites in just a few clicks by using  WordPress Migrator.

  • Go to WordPress tools section
  • Click on “WordPress Migrator”
  • Enter the details
  • It will  generate a migration token
  • then install the plugin to your WordPress site
  • and enter the token in the plugin.

5. Friendly UI

Siteground has a very user-friendly interface that is also the main reason I choose Siteground over other hosting providers. Everything is very clean, clear and easy to navigate. Every section is well defined and contains related tools and apps.

6. 30 Days Money Back

While purchasing any hosting it is very important that you should see their Trial period or money back rules or terms. Siteground has 30 days money back offer if you don’t like their services (That’s impossible but just in case) you will get your money back and you can leave the hosting.

7. Free CMS Install

There are so many tools and apps which are FREE to install on WordPress like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

8. Free Unlimited Email Account

You can create and manage an unlimited number of personalized email accounts based on your domain. Like ask@domainname.com . It gives your business a more professional look.

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9. Unlimited Database

You can create unlimited databases using Siteground hosting if you have a various website using subdomains then Siteground doesn’t have any limits to database creation for the websites or subdomain creation. This means you can create unlimited subdomains and install WordPress on it.

10. Security

Malware detection system quickly identifies any infected file place on hosting. Siteground has a system in place that continuously monitors the hosting, if anyone places any suspicious file they will delete it and email you about this. They have very strict rules for having any suspicious file on the hosting. It makes their system robust against any kind of virus attack.

11. Affordable Pricing

They have a heavy discount 70% off on web hosting so you will get it in $3.95/mo (Regular price is $11.95/mo). Click here to avail the offer. So you can actually host your website on one of the top Hosting providers just in $3.95/mo. Domains can also be purchased from Siteground and that starts from $15.95/yr for one year($1.33/mo pretty affordable)

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