When I started my online business I had no idea if there are such tools that can make your life easy as an online business owner.

About me!!

I am a self-taught entrepreneur and I have learned about these essential tools from my experience during the journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

These tools will help to establish your business in a more professional way.
Tip: When you start your new business try doing what I am going to tell you now!!
Take out pen and paper, Are you feeling excited?
Write down what services you would love to offer to your clients.

This is going to be the starting point for your new business.

So the list of services you have prepared is your niche.

Now think of what all tools you will require to run this business.

The tools I am going to mention now in the post, I have got to know about them with every new client I have worked.

Are you excited to know about these tools? as you know now that even the clients are also using these tools.

Okay, so let’s start with our very first tool

1. Project Management tool

This is very important because from now onwards you going to be your own project manager.So you need a tool to stay organized. Use Trello to stay organized and its FREE version is also available.

  • Trello will help you keep a list of project
  • You can maintain a list of tasks under the projects
  • Add a comment to a specific tasksAdding an attachment to the tasks or Projects
  • Adding checklist for a tasks
  • You can invite your client or team to join a Trello board where everyone can update or see the status of the tasks.


2. Email Management tool

Having an Email list is very important to grow your business. You must have a tool that helps you managing your client or customer email’s and organizing the email list as well. MailChimp and MailerLite both are used extensively among new online business owners, both have offered a FREE plan to use. Benefits are

  • Segregating emails on the basis of various types of clients or customers
  • Sending  email campaigns
  • Automating email response
  • Exporting or importing email list.
  • Reports
  • Creating landing page or forms

3. Video/Audio Conferencing Tool

You will need a video/audio conferencing tool for discovery call with clients or customers. You can use Skype for this purpose, it will let you take audio/video calls, group calls, send text messages and share files.

4. Graphic Design Tool

This one is a must for everyone who is starting a new online business as you will be low on budget and you will need graphics for your website and Social media promotions. Canva is an amazing tool for those who aren’t a graphic designer. It is very easy to use and can help you create amazing graphics with an ease. Canva comes with a FREE plan as well.

5. Payment App/tool

I know there is a big YES to this one. You have got your first client but you are confused how to receive payment. Okay Let me help you with that, You can create an account with PayPal or Stripe to send and receive payment.There are some transactional charges for receiving international payment do check before you start using it.

6. Video Creation Tools

Sometimes you need a tool to create videos to record your screen for showing your work to the client or recording a short course video. Loom will help you a lot in this and you’re gonna love it. This one also comes with the FREE version.

7. Chrome Extensions

There are some useful Chrome extensions as well that will make your easier and fast for you. I have been using “Full page screen capture” – to take the screenshot of your full page, “Google Analytics” –  this will help you check if google analytics is installed on a website or not (For web developers mainly), “FB pixels” – to check if FB pixels are installed and working correctly, “ColorZilla” to select a particular color code from a web page”. There are many others as well but I am using the mentioned one extensively. You can easily find the one you are looking for just do a research on google.

8. Mistake-Free Text

Whether you’re a content writer or not, you will need a mistake-free content to write messages, documents, social media posts and so on. Grammarly is your go-to tools to verify the content you have written. This will help you write the content as a professional copywriter.

9. Password Management Tool

This works as a lifesaver, It will let you share the passwords with your team members by letting them see the actual password. Your team members can just use it to log in to the website or app without knowing your credentials. LastPass will help to manage the passwords and it comes with the FREE version as well.

10. Course Creation Tool

If you want to create and sell courses then there are so many online tools that will let you create online courses like Teachable(FREE version), Kajabi and Thinkific(FREE version).

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